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Southern Peninsula of Cape Town: Gaming Event (City Lan)

Frequently Asked Questions

Tickets can be purchased here on the site.

There are two options for payment:

  • Online (Via PayFast)
  • At the door (SnapScan / Cash)

You will be able to purchase tickets on the day, but this will result in a delay for you getting to your seat, as you will need to fill in forms. So skip the queue and book now! There is also a set amount of seats "30" so make sure you don't miss out on getting a seat by waiting till the day of the Lan.

Please note:

  • You must be 13 or older to attend.
  • You will need a ticket to enter the LAN area.

The venue for the Lan will be Longbeach Mall - Please check your ticket / LAN poster for store number

The event is hosted in an empty store in the mall, so it is completely separate from the public.

The lan will start at 09:00am (9am) on Saturday morning and ends 15:00pm (3pm) on Sunday.

  • Your ID (or other identification)
  • PC and all its trimmings (monitor, mouse, keyboard, headphones(no loudspeakers), mousepad) - Please note we do not provide any gaming hardware, you must bring your own equipment.
  • Double power plug (Short extension lead, with enough plugs for all your devices).
  • Pillow for sitting on / and or sleeping.
  • Sleeping bag (mattress / something comfy to rest or sleep on)
  • Cash / SnapScan for food and drinks (and if you opted to pay at the door) - you can also bring your own. (Its inside a shopping centre, so there are shops and restaurants, if you want something we don't have. We will provide drinks, snacks and other food items throughout the event).

We have a wide variety of meals, snacks and drinks for sale, see our July 2018 Menu For all the details.

These form part of a guideline for people to follow when engaging on CityLAN chat groups / social media - If these rules are not followed you will get a warning and then a ban.

  • No hate speak / derogatory statements
  • Be open to other peoples idea's and do not belittle them for what they say.
  • Be friendly! We are all here to have fun.
  • Make friends!
  • Respect the Admins on the groups (Linda, Sacha, Daniel, Paul, Zack) - They have the power of the Ban!


Whatsapp Groups:

  • There are two groups:
    • CityLAN (This is the main group, please do not post general things here, this is for LAN announcements  / notifications, questions about the LAN are allowed).
    • CityLAN ChitChat (In here you can go wild, as long as you follow the rules above, post cool gaming things / other cool things here and get to know each other).
  • You are welcome to ask for an invite link to either of these groups.


CSGO (Will change based on number of players who wish to take part):
- We will run CSGO comp’s for the event, min of one, till we have no more giveaways for it.
- The structure of the comp will be as follows:
- Will be LAN Champs till defeated
- Either teams will be made of of 5 or 3 players. Will confirm once we have numbers.
- Rules:
    - Each match will contains a set amount of rounds
    - There will be a short break between each match
- Game Play:
    - 5v5 (First Match) teams to start (Each time 2 players will be eliminated from each team, with the best moving forward, there will be 5 rounds “to be decided” )
    - 3v3 (Second Match): Once the first round is complete, the best three players from each team will move forward and battle it out in a 3v3.
    - 1v1 (The final): After 3v3 the best player from each team will move forward to the final match, who ever wins this gets the prize(best of 5 rounds).
    - There will also be a straight team versus team as well.

- We will run DOTA2 comp’s for the event:
- 5 v 5 (If we have enough players, a private match will be created)
    - This will be best of 3.
    - Winning team gets a prize and they will be LAN Champs till they are defeated.
- 1 v 1 (Mid only):
    - This will be a best of 3 games
    - Winner gets a prize
    - Will be LAN Champ until defeated.

Crysis wars:
- Working out the details - will be one big death match, with who ever wins get’s a prize and is crowned LAN Champ

fist full of frags:
- Working out the details - will be one big death match / team match, with who ever / team wins get’s a prize and is crowned LAN Champ(s)
- https://store.steampowered.com/app/265630/Fistful_of_Frags/


LAN Champs:
We will make a special place on the website just for you! Maybe we will even give you some digital trophies ;)

Non Comps (Games to play together):

The idea regarding the list below is to make a “game plan” before the lan, so that we can form a few groups who would like to play, we will organise times for each. So if you can let us know what games you are keen for then we can start organising.

- https://www.epicgames.com

Unreal Tournament
- https://www.epicgames.com

Star Wars Battle Front 2 (Classic):
- We Will organise teams for this, along with times to play

Age of Empires 2:
- We Will organise teams for this, along with times to play

- We Will organise teams for this, along with times to play

Left 4 Dead 2:
- We Will organise teams for this, along with times to play
- https://store.steampowered.com/app/550/Left_4_Dead_2

warcraft (Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne):
- We Will organise teams for this, along with times to play

Don’t Starve Together:
- We Will organise teams for this, along with times to play

- We Will organise teams for this, along with times to play

- Really cool game, will be fun to play as groups!
- https://store.steampowered.com/app/466240/Deceit/

Crysis wars

Fist full of frags:
- https://store.steampowered.com/app/265630/Fistful_of_Frags/

— Suggestions are welcome! :D

LongBeach Mall is providing permanent security for the entire event. Plus cctv cameras. The whole event area will also be separate from the mall, it is completely closed off, so people can not walk in or around the gamers nor can they take stuff off tables.

There will be permanent staff there for the entire event, the core team is 6 people, plus extra staff from wiber will be there during the lan. There are cameras set in place as well as 24 hour security guards. The mall will be securely closed at night time with fire escapes set in place in any case of emergency.

Citylan is Completely drug and alcohol free, no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs at the event. Smokers need to follow longbeach mall rules (Smoking area available). We encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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