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Southern Peninsula of Cape Town: Gaming Event (City Lan)

About CityLAN



CityLAN is the largest LAN event to have ever been held in the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town.

Having hosted countless house LAN parties and longingly looking back

at the good old OC days, we decided that it was time to gift the southern

peninsula with it's very own LAN. Now we want to invite you to the largest

LAN we have ever hosted. Seating over 30 gamers each individual will 

bring their own gaming gear embarking on an epic adventure of fun, friends

and good times.



In order to buy a ticket you will have to login. There are a 30 seats available

and tickets sell fast, login to secure your spot. Come as one or a team, group

bookings receive a discount.  Once you’ve logged in you will receive a special

invite to our Discord. Chat with your friends here about the lan and ask any questions

you have regarding the event. Make new friends and even game online with them.

Tell us what you want to play by adding your favorite games to our Playlist.


Please check the poster for time and dates.

Please ensure that you bring your 

ticket, so we can book you in for the weekend. Tickets are R150 per person and R 100 per

person as a team. Dividers will be set around the gamers ensuring a safe space for all individuals.
There are bathrooms located on eiter sides of the event. There will also be a few seats were people

can play playstation and Xbox, aswell as a separate game room. Passers by can sit at our mobile 

hub and play PUBG and other mobile games. There will be ports where you can charge your phone.

See our What to bring page, to make sure you are ready to game the weekend away!

Thanks to our amazing sponsor Longbeach Mall and their team of security,

all gamers will be safe and secure throughout the entire event.




WE HAVE Internet

We know the key to a good gaming session is all in the latency! So our network is setup to maximise performance

to each PC. With gigabit to each PC, gaming and sharing games will be a breeze. We have A DC++ server setup to allow you

all to share on the network. There will be a Steam caching server set up to help streamline any updates and game downloads

on the day.  (Please do make sure all your games are up to-date before the lan, so that you can get right into gaming).

There will also be CS:GO & Dota 2 local servers setup.

Thanks to our amazing sponsor Wibersolutions for supplying our super fast internet!



After you have logged in you can book and pay for your ticket. Here you will tell us more about you and any

special needs you have. Book exactly where you or your group want to be seated. On the day

we will scan your ticket, you will take your gear inside, set up and start playing. Please ensure to

bring your own multiplug along. Thanks to our amazing sponsor Kommetjie Electrotech

for supplying everything for all our power needs!



As we are gaming in Longbeach Mall there are many shops and restaurant to choose your meals from.

Large shops such as Pick 'n Pay, Foodlovers, Spur and Mug & Bean are located within the Mall.

When the mall closes down for the nigh, there will be an assortment of refreshments and snacks available 

for purchase throughout the event (inside the lan area, if you don't want to leave to eat).

Hot and cold beverages will be available for purchase aswell as energy drinks to keep your game on.


STALLS & Sponsorship

If you are interested in having a stall at the event, or even sponsoring us

please call: 0736423380 or email us at citylan@yakka.space. All sponsors and economical

participants will be featured on our website to promote local businesses.



Our Sponsors

  • Wibernet | Pure Internet
  • Kommetjie Electrotech
  • LongBeach Mall